Luctures on Film Festival Distribution

Lectures on Film Festival Distribution

We hold lectures and master classes on film festival promotion. Share our experience, give advice and guide in putting up  successful festival promotion.

We are ready to share our knowledge and experience with pleasure as we have been collecting it for 5 years. In universities one can’t get this information and moreover in such a complete form. That’s why we try to fill up this gap as possible. And according to our audience we understand that this is the topical issue for those who just begin his/ her filmmakers’ career.



We are ready to speak both in Russian and in English (all you need is to confirm the time and possibility). As a rule we read lectures for small audience, 30-100 person.


During our lecture we show computer presentation and speak about the following issues:

  • How does the festival industry works in Russia and in the world;
  • What kinds of film festivals there exist;
  • How to make a successful plan to promote your film;
  • How to plan your budget for promoting;
  • What exactly to take notice of when choosing a festival;
  • What is a festival selection committee and what to do to deserve their attention;
  • How important is the patience and correct application.

90 minutes we speak then Q&A part.

How to contact us

If you decide to invite us aiming to put up a lecture at the film festival or film school, please contact Olga Bazhenova via email

Tell a few words about your event, point exact date and expected amount of audience and whom would you like to invite (or who will present).

Technical requirements​

Not many we need: multimedia projector and HDMI adapter, so we can show presentation from the laptop. If the auditory is expected to hold more than 30 listeners, we’ll need a microphone.


We work individually with every location and event. As a rule the inviting party provide travel fees (if it’s not in Moscow), accommodation and accreditation for speakers.

We ask to place  Festagent logo (download)  on your website (working link for sure) and in printed materials about the event.


I want a lecture about film festivals!


Иван Золотухин мастер-класс в Школе кино свердловской киностудии


We’ve already read​

  • Lecture for «Big Bag School» pitching, Ekaterinburg, 2016 (Ivan Zolotukhin)
  • Lecture at Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), Moscow, 2016 (Ekaterina Didenko)
  • Lecture at the International VGIK film festival, Moscow, 2016 (Ekaterina Didenko)
  • Lecture at The second film forum «Young cinema»,Saint-Petersburg, 2016 (Ivan Zolotukhin)
  • Lecture at Animation festival Crock,  Russia, 2016 (Ivan Zolotukhin)
  • Master-class at Higher courses for scriptwriters and directors, Moscow, 2016 (Olga Bazhenova , Yulia Travnikova)
  • Lecture at МcGaffinFest, Moscow, 2016 (Ekaterina Didenko)
  • Мaster-class as a part of  Kinolikbez festival, Saint-Petersburg, 2016 (Olga Bazhenova, Yulia Travnikova)
  • Мaster-class at Kazan international film festival of the muslim films, Kazan, 2015 (Ivan Zolotukhin)
  • Lecture at Kinosol film school, Moscow (Ivan Zolotukhin)
  • Master-class at Moscow film school (Ivan Zolotukhin))
  • Master-class at Sverdlovsk film studio school (Ivan Zolotukhin)
  • Series of lectures at Dmitriy Kupovikh film school - Svobodnoe kino (Olga Bazhenova, Ludmila Zhigalova)
  • Master-class at Generation Youth Audiovisual Forum in Strasbourg, France, 2012 (Hanna Mironenko)
  • Lecture at Saint Anna film festival, Мoscow, 2012 (Еvgeniy Utkin, Georgiy Molodtsov, Nailya Golman)


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