Years running: 13 (since 2006)

Voices from the Waters

International Travelling Film Festival.


Voices from the Waters seeks to add to this consciousness as concerns regarding the existence and well-being of our water-bodies are now being voiced in our mainstream societies. Now more than ever, there is a call for awareness, dialogue and debate to inform the actions on which the future of our living-planet depends. Voices from the Waters 2014 - the 9th International Film Festival on Water invites you to be a part of the festival by contributing short, documentary, animation and feature films on water and related issues.

Voices from the Waters is conceived as a travelling film festival. The selected films after being premiered in Bangalore will be taken to educational institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, small towns and villages across the world followed by discussions.


If you have a film under any of the following categories:

  • Water Scarcity
  • The Dams and the Displaced
  • Water Harvesting/conservation
  • Water Struggles/Conflicts
  • Floods and Droughts
  • Global Warming and Climate Change
  • Impact of Deforestation on Water-Bodies
  • Water, Sanitation and Health
  • River Pollution
  • The Holistic Revival of Water Bodies
  • Water and Life,

you may consider sending it to us. Please note that the categories are flexible and your film does not have to necessarily adhere to them while focusing on the larger theme of water.

Entries to the Film Festival must include: 

  • Two DVDs of the film (with English subtitles, as required)
  • A completed and signed copy of the entry form (can be sent via email),
  • Three high-resolution stills of the film (can be sent via email),
  • A high-resolution photograph of the director (can be sent via email),
  • Promotional materials are welcome.

Selection Media Type: DVD, online

Audio language: original

Subtitles language: english

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement




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Bangalore Film Society, 33/6-1
Thyagaraju Layout, M.S. Nagar,
Bangalore 560033

Bangalore Film Society No.33/1-9 4th Cross Thyagaraja Layout 560033 Bangalore 560033 Karnataka India (Karnataka)

Phone: +91 80 25493705


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Dates & Deadlines
  • Deadline
    May 30, 2017
  • Event dates
    18 October 2017
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