Years running: 14 (since 2007)

My Europe Film Festival

International Film Festival dedicated Europe.


Europe is being regarded from many different points of view. The term “European” is widely used. But what does it mean? Many people have images, thoughts, ideals, critics and opinions on what it represents. In order to clear and shape this concept, Citizens of Europe established ”My Europe Film Festival”. This contest shows films Europewide every year at several places across the continent in order to promote discussion about different visions on “Europe”. The festival adresses citizens, artists and filmmakers.

My Europe aims are:

  • Promoting short films independently from their country of origin,
  • Reflecting views and opinions on Europe,
  • Raising awareness for short films on a Europe-wide level, 
  • Initialising contacts between young professionals in the film promotion/festivaland arthouse cinema sector,
  • Giving access to Eastern and South-Eastern Europe for short film distribution.

In 2012 edition Budapest (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia), Milan (Italy) and Göttigen (Germany) were some of the places where films were screened.


Films have to address one of these two programs:

  • Living in Europe. It focuses on time, cultures, traditions, expectations, authenticity and particularities;
  • Politics and policies. It makes a statement about borders, conflicts and diplomacy, decisions and consequences, confrontations and compromises.



The minimum duration is 5 minutes and the maximum 30 minutes.

Documents and Other Requisite Items

  • Fill out entry form,
  • Send DVD with submitted film by mail.

Selection Media Type


Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement




Official website



My Europe Film Festival c/o
Citizens of Europe e.V.
Kiefholzstraße 2
D-12435 Berlin

Contact for project related questions:
Mr. Tobias Kunow
Phone: +491 704121411

Contact for film related questions:
Mr. Jürgen Tobisch
Phone: +49 1795298439

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    September 01, 2013
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