Korona Karpat


Years running: 12 (since 2010)

Korona Karpat

Truskavets International Television Film Festival.


Main goals:

  • Convergence of national cinema of the participating countries through cooperation, including the establishment TV Films able to withstand the invasion of hard-hearted in cinema;
  • Attract public attention and the Ukrainian leadership to the position of film and television culture as a powerful force that could shape the personality and the moral foundations of society.


  • The first main competition (feature films);
  • The second main competition (non-game films);
  • "Golden Collection" world television (competitive program);
  • Personal film retrospective of one of the foremost directors of the world.

Professional Filmmakers Club (ProFC) is effective for the TITFF period during which the seminars, debates, roundtables and workshops are provided.


The first main competition: 

  • Grand prix for best TV movie,
  • The prize for best director,
  • The prize for best screenplay,
  • Award for Best Actress,
  • Award for Best Actor
  • The prize for best debut (feature film),
  • Award for Best Supporting Actress,
  • Award for Best Supporting Actor,
  • The prize for best comedy television film,
  • The prize for best music.

The second main competition:

  • The prize for the best movie,
  • The prize for Best Director,
  • The prize for the best sound solution (composer and sound designer),
  • The prize for the best graphic solution.

TITFF Directorate accumulates the festival prize by sponsor funds. “Korona Karpat” TITFF can be replaced to the best Truskavets resorts traveling.



Each film can be shown three times (separately - screening the press).

Documents and Other Requisite Items

Along with the application to participate in the future TITFF, the member should send to the name of th eDirectorate: film abstracts, promotional materials, press reviews. He should sent on DVD the advertising and footage from the movie also the materials for the catalogue (data about the film, photos - working moments, photo director, slides from the film).

Additional Information

The costs for shipping materials to the festival are assigned to the sender. Festival is responsible for custom clearance of parcels with films.

Selection Media Type


Screening Media Type


Audio language:


Subtitles language:

ukrainian, russian or english

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

I. TITFF Organizing Committee:

  • Chairman Truskavets City Council - Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

Honorary Co-Chairs:

  •  Minister of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine,
  •  Chairman of the National Council on Television and Radio,
  •  Governor of Lviv region.

  Members of the committee:

  • National Television Company of Ukraine
  • First National Channel
  • Lviv television
  • Head of Culture in Lviv
  • Head of Truskavets municipal department of culture

  II. TITFF management:

  • Karpyn Oleh Romanovych- General Director
  • Teodoziya Mykytka Mykhaylivna - General producer
  • Borys Savchenko - Program Director
  • Mahotin Oleksandr Olehovych - Coordinating Director;
  • Press Service;
  • Recreation Director;
  • Technical Director;
  • Other units.




Official Website




Address: 82200 Ukraine, Truskavets, Lviv region. St. Kotsubynskogo, 6

tel. 38 067 672; fax. +38-03247-667-27, E-mail: koronakarpat@gmail.com

Karpyn Oleh Romanovych- contact person


Borys Savchenko-Art director, recreation director;

Sergiy Ostapchuk- Program Director, tel: +38-067-953-72-15

Olena   Pylypenko - contact person;

tel. +38-066-56-59 261, e-mail: koronakarpat@gmail.com


Address: Ukraine, Kiev, St. Kostyushka 4/6

tel. +38-032-224-87-71, +38 050 431 41 33

e-mail: koronakarpat@gmail.com

Teodoziya Mykytka Mykhaylivna - contact person


Address: Ukraine, 71100, Zaporizhya region.

Berdyansk, St. Svobody, 84

E-mail: berdmkf@gmail.com

tel.: +38 (06153) 06/07/96, +38 099 919 03 43, +38 050 568 61 91

Mahotin Oleksandr Olehovych- contact person

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Earlybird Deadline
    November 10, 2015
  • Event Dates
    26 — 30 November 2015
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