Years running: 8 (since 2011)

BOFF — Cine Porto Bologna

Independent film festival in Bologna.


Boff is situated in a beautiful park in the center of Bologna and it open for all who would like to take part.

This year’s programme aims not only to give visibility to films from the national and international film circuit, but also tries to speak to a world of people who are usually cut off from cinema. With the introduction of sound, the deaf left the cinema. With Boff we hope they’ll come back. the program will be vast and full of themes of cinematic language: visual perception, rather than sound – where the only music is in the form of bodily vibrations.

Our guets will be include national and internation directors like Fabio Menegal, Daniele Lerose , Simon De palma, Rene Visco and other internationally renowned deaf filmakers. This year for the third edition of the festival was born in a festival of short films and documentaries independent international necessarily subtitles.


At the end of the event will receive a prize of free distribution of Movibeta best short film and best documentary.


We expect film entries that were made after January 1, 2012, that present, (re)interpret pieces of art by means of cinematic methods or deal with the life or certain stages of one or more artists (art groups). They also welcome works that discover certain tendencies or periods of fine arts or their social context. Last but not least, they also expect films created by using artistic methods or instruments (e.g. animated and experimental films, features).

To participate simply register on the site.

Selection Media Type: online

Audio language: original

Subtitles language: english and/or italian

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

The jury will be formed by the industry part of reality independent of the Bologna area.




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Phone: +393473276768

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Deadline
    May 05, 2016
  • Event dates
    1 June — 27 July 2016
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