Years running: 32 (since 1990)


International Documentary Film Festival on anthropology, culture and politic.


Cineblend Festival is the new name for the Beeld voor Beeld festival. It is a yearly documentary film festival focusing on issues of cultural diversity. Rooted in visual anthropology, the festival screens documentaries on various (sub-)cultures offering discussions and seminars. The festival serves as a meeting place for filmmakers and audiences from different cultural backgrounds. All filmmakers will be present, and much attention is given to discussions between them and the audience. A special part of the program is devoted to student films and is open to students from all educational programs on visual anthropology or documentary filmmaking.

Entry is open to any production that either deals with subjects of anthropology, sociology and social issues or fits the overall theme.

This years’ overall theme will be: Inclusion and Exclusion.

According to many analysts, thinkers and media it is the most important political issue of the 21st century: who belongs and who doesn’t? Cultural identity and nationalism go hand in hand in defining who is included and who is excluded. We will screen films that show processes of inclusion and exclusion. In the second week of the festival we will together with the Amsterdam Roots Festival, focus on documentaries on Music and Migration. What role does music play in stressing and maintaining group – and cultural identities – especially in migrant settings?


Documents and Other Requisite Items

  • Fill out entry form,
  • In the entry form you provide us with a link to a DOWNLOADABLE file of your film.
  • Furthermore you are requested to send in two stills of the production.
  • Although it is not a requirement for selection first-time screenings in the Netherlands are preferred.  

BEELD VOOR BEELD will accommodate invited film makers for a limited number of days depending on the available budget.

Selection Media Type: HD mp4 or .mov

Audio language: original

Subtitles language: english

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

Eddy Appels (director)
Milena Mulders (producer)
Sarah van Hecke (marketing and publicity)




Official Website



Beeld voor Beeld

PO Box 92423
1090 AK Amsterdam

Tolhuisweg 2
1031 CL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: + 31 6 22075428
(not for reservations)


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    April 10, 2017
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    May 03, 2017
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    13 — 24 June 2017
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